Sustainable solutions for a future worth living

Climate change, urbanisation, scarce resources and habitat loss are challenging our society. We are helping to build a future worth living by supplying sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, buildings and infrastructure.

The market and society require new solutions for a carbon-free world. The climate objectives can only be achieved if the key issues of buildings, energy and infrastructure are viewed holistically. We meet this aspiration thanks to our technical expertise and comprehensive competencies: using a holistic approach, we combine energy and building solutions with supply and transport infrastructure.

Sustainable solutions

In this way, we make a significant contribution to sustainable social and economic development. We meet growing customer demand for innovative solutions – and create the foundation for the living spaces of the future.

The focus for us is on investments in energy efficiency, in the accelerated expansion of renewable energies and in the electrification of the heat and transport sectors. We are taking advantage of the new opportunities presented by the movement towards electrification and gearing our business model consistently towards new customer and market needs. As an energy and infrastructure service provider for the world of tomorrow, BKW creates added value for employees, customers and shareholders.

Our responsibility

We assume our social responsibility for sustainable development. As an international, forward-looking energy and infrastructure service provider, we use the latest technologies and innovations to handle our resources efficiently. We increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and strengthen the resilience of living spaces and infrastructures.

By investing in renewable energies, intelligent grids, sustainable infrastructure and innovative storage and control solutions, we are making a significant contribution to reducingcarbonemissions and minimising dependence on fossil fuels. In this way, we are contributing to the UN’s 2030 Agenda development goals.

Member of the UN Global Compact

BKW has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2021. As such, it has committed itself to responsible business practices. Along with the 2030 Agenda development goals, it uses these 10 principles as a guideline and an opportunity for innovation and development.

You can learn about the 10 principles on the following page:

BKW eco fund

With the BKW eco fund, we invest a portion of our revenue in projects that aim to improve watercourses.