BKW's Services in the field of Wind Power

Since 1992, BKW has been active in wind business and currently owns over 800 MW of wind assets throughout Europe, offering extensive expertise to its customers through a full range of wind services.


At present, BKW is implementing its strategy to further grow its portfolio of assets and services in relevant markets with the aim of becoming a leading European player in renewable energy. 


Operation & Maintenance (O & M)

As a long-time asset owner, BKW can help you get the best possible yield from your assets. With its local presence, skilled personnel, enthusiasm and solid organisation, BKW can provide service packages tailored to your specific needs.


Service modules for a tailor-made package offer

Technical and Commercial Management (TCM) & Due Diligence

BKW provides services in management, supervision and optimisation of energy production and consumption. With over 30 years' experience in the renewables and energy industry, BKW’s management team offers best-in-class professional and technical skills to help clients increase efficiency and yield of their energy plant management. Present in six countries, BKW manages more than 800 megawatts (MW) of wind plants. 


Why BKW?

  • BKW is an asset owner: as a long-term asset owner BKW has learned how to optimise its operations. That is why BKW understands its customers’ needs and the best practices that will maximise their investment yield.
  • BKW is a single point of contact: complete coverage of the entire service value chain creates synergies and efficiency. A modular service range is always available. 
  • BKW is independent: access to raw data and an alternative sourcing strategy offers the end customer complete independence from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). BKW offers multi-brand and international services. 
  • BKW is digital: its digital competence and presence along the entire value chain allow BKW to adopt innovative and preventative service strategies. 
This graphic shows BKW's services in the wind business

BKW's locations in the field of wind power

BKW Energie AG  

Viktoriaplatz 2  

3013 Berne



BKW Italia

Via Fara 26  

20124 Milano




BKW France SAS  

90 rue de Richelieu  

75002 Paris 



BKW Wind Service GmbH  

Hauptstrasse 65  

12159 Berlin



Proxima Italia  

Via dei Pellegrini 14  

20122 Mailand 



Proxima Scandinavia

Frøyas gate 15  

0278 Oslo




Wind Power International

BKW builds, owns and operates many wind power plants throughout Europe. This overview provides some background on these plants.

Wind Power in Switzerland

BKW produces part of its wind energy in Switzerland: it operates the JUVENT wind farm, by far the largest installation in Switzerland (37.2 MW of installed capacity). Two further wind projects in the Bernese Jura are currently planned.