Group Executive Board and Board of Directors

How is BKW organised? Our Group structure, the Group Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the top management body of the BKW Group. It is responsible for the overall management of BKW AG and supervision of its corporate bodies. It bears overall responsibility for achieving sustainable value for shareholders and makes decisions regarding all BKW Group companies except where these responsibilities are transferred to other corporate bodies by law, statutes or the Organisational Guidelines.

Name Role Nationality Appointed until Since
Roger Baillod Chair of the Board
Chair of the Remuneration
and Nomination Committee
CH GM 2022


Hartmut Geldmacher Deputy Chair
Member of the Remuneration
and Nomination Committee
D GM 2022 2009*
Kurt Schär Member
Deputy Chair of the Audit and Risk Management Committee
CH GM 2022 2012
Carole Ackermann Member
Chair of the Audit and
Risk Management Committee
CH, A GM 2022 2018
Rebecca Guntern Member CH GM 2022 Sept. 2018
Petra Denk Member
Member of the Audit and
Risk Management Committee
D GM 2022 2021
Andreas Rickenbacher** Member
Member of the Remuneration
and Nomination Committee
CH 31/05/2022 2018
Secretary of the Board of Directors: Stefan Emmenegger, lawyer        

*This is the year of entry to the Board of BKW FMB Energie AG before transition to the holding structure.
**Representative for the canton of Bern

Group Executive Board

Group Executive Board    

Dr. Suzanne Thoma
CEO of the BKW Group

Ronald Trächsel
Head of the Finance & Services Division
CFO of the BKW Group

Dr. Roland Küpfer
Head of the Power Grid

Dr. Philipp Hänggi
Head of the Production

Dr. Corinne Montandon
Head of the Energy Markets & Group Services
Extended Group Executive Board    

Martin Schweikert
Head of Group Communications

Werner Sturm
Head of the Infra Services

Michael R. Schüepp
Head of the Engineering

Mathias Prüssing
Head of the Building Solutions

Dr. Suzanne Thoma, CEO of the BKW Group

1962 – Swiss citizen

PhD in chemical engineering

Dr. Suzanne Thoma has been CEO of BKW AG since 2013. She joined BKW in 2010 as Head of the Grid Division and a member of the Group Executive Board. Before joining BKW, she led WICOR Group’s international automobile supply business in Rapperswil. Prior to that, as CEO of Rolic Technologies AG, she headed a start-up specialised in high-tech materials and technology licences. She previously worked at Ciba Spezialitätenchemie AG (today BASF AG) for about 10 years in a variety of management roles, both in Switzerland and abroad. Dr. Thoma holds a PhD in chemical engineering from ETH Zurich.

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Ronald Trächsel, Head of the Finance & Services Division/CFO of the BKW Group

1959 – Swiss citizen


Before joining BKW in 2014, Ronald Trächsel was CFO of the globally active Sika Group. He headed Finance and IT at Sika from 2008. Prior to that, Trächsel spent eight years as CEO and CFO for Vitra, also a globally active company. Between 1995 and 1999, Trächsel was CFO at Ringier International

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Dr. Roland Küpfer, Head of the Power Grid Division

1958 – Swiss citizen

PhD in business economics, MBA, degree in electrical engineering

Roland Küpfer is a technology expert with long-standing management experience: before joining BKW, Küpfer had been expanding Multiple Dimensions AG’s business activities. Prior to that, he worked in various capacities including as CEO of the Cicor Group, a member of the executive management at Ascom Security Communications and Executive Vice President of the Schaffner Group.

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Dr. Philipp Hänggi, Head of the Production Division

1968 – Swiss citizen

Holds a PhD in physics from ETH Zurich and an executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen

Dr. Hänggi has worked at BKW since 2014. He was a member of the Production Division management team until he joined the Group Executive Board in 2020. He has successfully driven the decommissioning of the Mühleberg Nuclear Power Plant forward and made a significant contribution to other strategically relevant projects within BKW’s international power plants.

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Dr. Corinne Montandon, Head of the Energy Markets & Group Services Division

1976 – Swiss citizen

PhD in business IT

Dr. Montandon has held a number of roles within BKW since she joined the company in 2009. Before she joined the Group Executive Board in 2021, she was Head of Strategy & Development Grid and a member of the executive management of BKW Power Grid. Dr. Montandon holds a PhD in business information technology. She completed her PhD, as well as a degree in business administration and economics, at the University of Bern. 

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Martin Schweikert, Head of Group Communications

1967 – Swiss citizen

Executive Master’s in Communication Management

Martin Schweikert has worked at BKW since mid-2013 and heads the Corporate Communications, Brand Management and Public Affairs Divisions. He previously worked at Swisscom for around eight years, where he was responsible for marketing and corporate communications for the company’s fast-growing IT division. After completing his studies, he worked for around 10 years in business and communications consulting for a number of companies in the technology and industry sector, and for associations.

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Werner Sturm, Head of the Infra Services Division

1964 – German citizen (B permit)

Geomatician/EMBA (UAS)

Werner Sturm joined the BKW Group in 2008 as Managing Director of Arnold AG. Previously, he had been Managing Director of SAG Kommunikationstechnik Schweiz AG for eight years. For seven years prior to that he was responsible for a GIS system in his role as Managing Director of a Swiss software company. His career began in an engineering office for construction and surveying in Rheinfelden.

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Michael R. Schüepp, Head of the Engineering Division

1962 – Swiss citizen

Michael Schüepp joined BKW in late 2014 and assumed responsibility for the development and expansion of BKW Engineering. For over 10 years prior to that, he served as managing director and COO in the finance and telecommunications field, as well as non-executive director for private equities, and most recently as CEO of a mid-sized company.

Previously, he operated as an independent entrepreneur for licensed personnel evaluation systems for 15 years before successfully selling the company.

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Mathias Prüssing, Head of the Building Solutions Division

1967 – Swiss citizen

Lawyer, EMBA HSG

Mathias Prüssing has worked at BKW since 2016. He first headed the Markets Division before being appointed CEO of BKW Building Solutions in November 2017. He had previously served a number of years as CEO of Comfone AG and Infonet Schweiz AG, both companies in the telecoms/IT sector with an international presence. Prior to that he filled a number of roles at Swisscom AG for about 10 years.

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